Introduction to Research & Funding
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Learn about the different types of research, the history of TSC research, and how research is funded

Lessons and Objectives: 

Getting to know TSC Research: 

  1. Explain the four major research types and how they fit together to form a research pipeline by outlining the steps necessary to translate scientific ideas from bench to bedisde 
    • Basic: understand the collaborative networks in place to share ideas and data
    • Preclinical: explain what an animal model is, and how it is relevant to TSC research
    • Translational: name the ways researchers measure success in preclinical and clinical studies
    • Clinical: describe how clinical research builds upon the foundation of preceding research to deliver clinically important outcomes to patients and their families 
History of TSC Research: 
  1. Briefly summarize the history of TSC - how its definition evolved over time from its discovery in the late 19th century to the recent Consensus Guidelines' description of the disease
  2. Explain how research discoveries can be stimulated by patient advocacy 
How is Research Paid For? 

  1. Be able to give an explanation of the CDMRP and TSCRP
  2. Outline what type of research the TS Alliance funds
  3. Differentiate, using a spectrum of "research risk," the goals of TSCRP-, TS Alliance-, and NIH-funded research
What's Next in TSC Research? 

  1. Be able to explain what a "research pipeline" is and give some examples of major outcomes from research
  2. Describe how research priorities are set and the role of the TS Alliance and patient advocacy in setting those goals
  3. Give an example of how precision medicine might impact TSC research in the near future

How I Got Involved in TSC Research
Elizabeth Thiele, MD, PhD

Before beginning the lessons within this course, watch clinician and researcher Elizabeth Thiele, MD, PhD share what first sparked her interest in TSC research. 

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Science Project Coordinator