The Advocate's Role

Learn about how to get involved in TSC research and advocacy. 

Lessons & Objectives:

Advancing Research
  • Explain how individuals with TSC and caregivers can be involved in research either directly or indirectly (as a participant in research or as an advocate for research)
  • Be able to name the ways individuals can be involved in research beyond participating in active clinical studies
Grassroots Advocacy
  • Outline the logic of the TS Alliance March on Capitol Hill - how meetings with representatives turn into Dear Colleague Letter endorsements, which can turn into funding requests, etc. 

How I Got Involved in TSC Research

Sam Barth, Graduate Student

Watch early-career investigator Sam Barth talk about how he first got involved with TSC and how it's informed his understanding of a wide range of other related disorders. 


Zoƫ Fuchs
Science Project Coordinator