State Government Organization

So you want to get involved with local advocacy? Great! 

We are so excited to have you as a part of our TSC community and are enthusiastic about the possibilities of enhancing community understanding, government recognition, and local resources. 

Whether you want to engage with your local legislators to organize a TSC Awareness Day or to share your story, you can impact your local community. We'll take a look at some of the possible outcomes of state and local advocacy with this lesson, as well as get a general feel for the organization of state governments.
Possible Outcomes of Local Advocacy
State Government Organization
Each state government holds executive, legislative, and judicial authority over their given state. State governments are organized similarly to the federal government. We have broken down some of the similarities and differences below.
Local Governments
Your local government is responsible for a range of purposes including public health and community development. The structure of your local government will vary greatly depending on where you live. Working with your local legislators has many advantages! Your local legislators will often live close to you. Additionally, they are often more available to meet. Finally, working with your local legislators can directly impact your community
Impact of Local Advocacy
Missouri's Attorney General, Eric Schmitt, explains the impact and importance of local advocacy.
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